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Dear All,

In contrast to other fellow LIMBUS, though small in physical number, PAHIM PARIWAR seems definite to be growing through electronic means spreading its wing of information not only to those living in the UK but also encompassing PAHIMS living in far flung hinters land of Nepal. Internet, no doubt has revolutionised the way we would operate some years ago introducing fast means for communication, providing wealth of information and of course making life far simpler and easier in keeping touch with fellow members. 

Rajendra has done a good job by creating this web site and deserve many thanks from all of us. Once again, many thanks on behalf of Pahim Pariwar, and look forward to seeing this beginning further developed in future. 

Lastly, though trivial for many but I am not good at all in finding spelling correct at first go, it would be ideal if you could add this command in your next upload so that those who are in need can activate if needed, increasing confidence in writing.

Thank you.

                                   "Jai Pahim Pariwar"

Bijai Pahim



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