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1.1 This organisation "Pahim Pariwar UK" is a purely non political therefore a social organisation which promotes social and cultural values within the Pahim family members and provides assistance to those who are in dire need. This is a family organisation that helps its members during critical times and may offer small financial assistance if required.

1.2 This document applies to all the UK based Pahim Pariwar.

2. Name

2.1 The name of this society is “Pahim Pariwar UK”, in short it is known by (PPUK).

3. Interpretation:

3.1 In these regulations; policies means the constitution of the Pahim Pariwar UK (PPUK).

4. The Objectives:

4.1 To provide a common forum for members and bring harmony, unity, and co-operation among them without any discrimination.

4.2 To provide support and relief to members who may become victims of unforeseen adverse events affecting their morale, physical safety or even financial stability.

4.3 To get involved in the community and social events in the UK including other organisations and associations when necessary within its capacity and limitations.

4.4 To train the forthcoming generation with the rituals, culture, traditions, festivals and historical background of the family through different meetings and programmes.

4.5 To provide the information to all the members about the death and the birth of any individual member of the Pahim family living throughout the world.

4.6 To encourage and motivate children on the significance of education.

4.7 To promote awareness of the historical family tree and preserve the true identity of the Pahim family.

5. Membership

5.1 Membership of the community shall be extended to everyone in the UK who are Pahim by blood (also for individuals with inter-racial marriage - as long as one of the spouse meets the criteria) and their families who are interested in furthering the aim and the objectives of this community.

5.2 Each and every individual those who reach the age of 18 years will be required to be a member of PPUK.

5.3 For Honorary Membership: During the general meeting a person may be enrolled as an honorary member of PPUK, if considered appropriate.

6. Membership Fees

6.1 The membership fee will be: for Daju-Bhai £100.00, Didi-Bahini- £60.00, Senior Citizen Couple- £100.00, Senior Citizen Individual- £50.00 and for the student- £20.00 (but the full payment needs to be done when the student starts a full time job).

6.2 Members may register with the fee of £20.00 provided the full amount is paid within two years from the registered date. If he or she fails to do so he or she won't be fully entitled for the membership benefits.

7. Termination of membership

Following circumstances would lead to termination of the membership:

7.1 Failure to pay membership fees on time.

7.2 Violation of policies and non-compliance with instructions and decisions.

7.3 Mishandling of duties and responsibilities including financial mismanagement and misconducts.

7.4 Severe mental or physical damage resulting in abnormality or death.

8. Committee Systems:

8.1 The PPUK shall be one executive committee.

8.2 The executive committee shall be composed of minimum 7 and maximum 21 members mainly including a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant-Treasurer and Area Representatives.

8.3 Any vacant positions shall be replaced by members from the committee for the remaining period or until the next general meeting.

9. Duties and responsibilities of committee members:

9.1 The committee members shall be elected for a period of two years and their duties and responsibilities shall be as follows:


9.2 Overall responsible for smooth running of the Pahim Pariwar UK.

9.3 Leads the Pahim Pariwar UK in the right direction with regard to culture and tradition.

9.4 Presides over the meetings and assemblies as the chair.

9.5 Plans events well in advance.

9.6 Ensures that all the committee members are performing their tasks to their best of knowledge and abilities.

9.7 Calls Executive and Emergency Meetings when required.

9.8 Nominates two members to carry out an audit of Pahim Pariwar UK funds at least once a year, an audit is to be completed by the 15th of July each year.

9.9 Nominates members to undertake tasks for functions and other events.

9.10 Appoints or selects members to fill any vacant position until the next general meeting takes place in liaison with Executive Committee.

9.11 Liaises with the Pahim Central Committee in Nepal and overseas.

9.12 Authorizes up to £50.00 (fifty pounds) for committee expenses with receipts.


9.13 Assists the chairperson in disposal of his/her duties and responsibilities.

9.14 Presides in the meetings and assemblies in the absence of the chairperson.

9.15 Ensures all arrangements are made and carried out for meetings, functions and visits.

9.16 Keeps an accurate record of Pahim Pariwar UK Nominal Roll, Home addresses, E-mail addresses and Telephone Numbers in accordance with the personal data protection law.

General Secretary:

9.17 Keeps accurate contact details of all members at all times.

9.18 Keeps all members informed of the meeting, event and other issues either by e-mails, telephone or by post.

9.19 Prepares agenda and other paperwork for the General Meetings.

9.20 Calls meetings and notice for general assemblies in consultation with the chairperson or as decided by the Executive Committee.

9.21 Conducts meetings with good time management.

9.22 Publishes minutes of the General Meeting.

9.23 Complies with instructions and implements independent decisions.

9.24 Acts as a spokesperson of the PPUK during meetings in the absence of the main speakers.


9.25 Assists the General Secretary in disposal of his/her functions effectively.

9.26 Undertakes  all duties and responsibilities of the secretary in his/her absence.

9.27 Keeps a duplicate copy of all the details kept by General Secretary.

9.28 Complies with all instructions for the implementation of important decisions.


9.29 Collects membership fees accurately from all members in accordance with the policies.

9.30 Publishes statements of PPUK funds and distributes before each meeting.

9.31 Prepares and informs the statement of the fund in each meeting.

9.32 Updates the chairman with membership fees quarterly in an year i.e. during october, January, April and July.

9.33 Undertakes full responsibilities of accounts and financial managements.

9.34 Keeps upto date records of all financial statements for auditing purposes.

9.35 Prepares annual financial reports for approval.


9.36 Assists the Treasurer in his/her disposal of duties and responsibilities.

9.37 Undertakes the duties and responsibilities of Treasurer in his/her absence.

9.38 Keeps a duplicate copy of all the details kept by treasurer.

Area Representatives:

9.39 Passes all information/messages to their respective area members.

9.40 Motivates and encourages members to participate in all events and functions.

9.41 Assists the Chairman and the vice Chairman in all aspects whenever needed.

9.42 Informs the chairman about any new arriving members joining the Pariwar or the old members moving out to another location.

9.43 Attends all meetings as possible.

9.44 Takes over the responsibilities of any post that are vacant if necessary.

General Members:

9.45 All members shall have the duty and responsibility to take part actively in implementing decisions made by the Executive Committee.


9.46 Advises the Executive Committee Members.

9.47 Attends the Committee Meetings as and when invited.

9.48 Will have no voting right during the Committee Meetings.

10. General Meeting:

10.1 The general meeting of the PPUK shall be once every year.

10.2 The executive committee can call unplanned general meetings anytime if necessary or upon the request by two-third of the general membership.

10.3 All members should try to attend the Meeting.

10.4 A minimum of one month notice shall be given for the general meeting through e-mail, telephone, text, social medias or by post.

11. Budgets and resources:

11.1 The source of budget and income resources shall be as follows:

a. Membership fees.

b. Voluntary or charity donations.

c. Grants.

d. Any other incomes from social functions.

12. Banking and Transactions:

12.1 A saving account shall be opened in the name of “Pahim Pariwar UK” (PPUK).

12.2 The account shall be maintained by a joint signature of the treasurer and any one of the committee members.

12.3 All funds shall be deposited in the bank account and as such all transactions shall be made only through the bank.

13. Accounting and auditing:

13.1 All incomes and expenditures of the PPUK shall be audited annually by two nominated members appointed by the committee.

13.2 The community’s financial year shall run from 1st of August to 31st of July every year.

14. Financial Support.

14.1 In the event of any registered members death or difficulties. The executive committee will decide the case and will authorize to collect funds. The minimum recommended financial support from a member is GBP £50.00. Members can contribute higher than the minimum amount but those who are unable to pay the minimum will be considered according to their financial circumstances.

14.2 For non registered members that the minimum threshold will not apply for those who are not registered and members will contribute in volunteer’s basis only.

14.3 In case of an emergency the sum of £500.00 will be offered from the PPUK fund to those registered members family who are in dire need, which will be later re-claimed from donations.

15. Amendment to the Policies:

15.1 The general meeting shall have the authority to amend the Policies by a two third of majority votes present as a quorum.

15.2 The proposal for such an amendment must be submitted to the executive committee before seven days of the proposed general meeting.

15.3 The executive committee may also amend the Policies by applying the above mentioned procedures temporarily subjected to approval by the general meeting as stated above.

16. Dissolution:

16.1 The Pahim Pariwar UK can be dissolved at any time provided a two third majority votes from the total members is reached.

16.2 The assets and liabilities of the Pahim Pariwar UK shall be discussed and resolved by the general meeting during dissolution.

17. Rules:

17.1 When Chelis (sisters) join the organisation, their husband and children automatically become members of PPUK as well.

17.2 Every effort should be made to participate in any Pahim Pariwar UK events.

17.3 To provide money from the fund: Joint agreement of four Committee Members i.e. the Chairman, the vice Chairman, the General Secretary and treasurer is required to authorize this transaction, which should be for a good cause.

17.4 All members should be polite and courteous during the meetings and functions.

17.5 Members making a speech are to address the Chairman first followed by the Committee Members.

17.6 Complaints: Members who wish to make complaints are to write directly to the Chairman of Pahim Pariwar UK. 


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