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                                      MR BIKENDRA LIMBU PROFILE



Graduated in Network Communication

Microsoft Certified IT Professional

Server Administrator

London , Whitton

My name is Bikendra Limbu, son of Bijai Bahadur Limbu, grandson of Dilli Prassad Pahim and born on 24 of August 1984. We come from Khamlalung 6 , Lingden.  I am currently living in London , Whitton.  I did my schooling from India, St Augustine’s School, Kalimpong where I spent 8 years finishing my higher secondary level as well.  In 2006, I went to Centralia College, Washington, USA for Business Studies and came to UK  on the end of 2006. I joined University of Wales institute on September of 2008. However, in my second year, I transferred to Kingston University, London and graduated on summer of 2011 in Network Communication.  I also acquired MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional)   from Microsoft and I am qualified Server Administrator.  I am currently pursing to acquire Windows 7 Certificate.



Studying: PhD in Pharmacy (1/4 Year)

University of Reading

Home Town: Basingstoke, UK

Time is something that cannot be controlled in this world. Many things change through time like technology, knowledge and beliefs; the only thing that we can control through time is preservation our culture and traditions. It passes on through many generations and people preserve it as a responsibility.

            Our country is one of the best examples of how culture has survived throughout many generations. The beliefs and traditions of our Limbu culture that were passed on from our forefathers should therefore be followed to continue having atleast some perspective on where we originally came from. My name is Roshan Pahim, son of Mr Rajendra Kumar Pahim  and Mrs Bhimkumari Limbu (Anbuhang). I have a younger sister named Rekha Limbu I was born in Hong Kong, however we returned back to Nepal when I was just about two years old so I don't have any memories of my birthplace. 

            When I was 7 years old, we moved to Brunei. We lived in the Army quarters and even though it was a different country, I was surrounded by many relatives and overall Nepalese community. I used to go to Gurkha Children’s English School in Brunei and I enjoyed the quality of school life I had at that place. There were several happiest moments in Brunei especially being able to swim for free in the local pool. Towards the end of the year 2000, we returned back to our home country Nepal and I started going to the same school as before. My father decided to jump me directly from class 2 to class 4, whilst consulting with the teachers. At first it was a bit difficult for me to get along with the education system of Nepal but slowly I adapted with it and after a year I was one of the top students of my class.

            I studied in Nepal until class seven and then I went to Darjeeling to further my education. Over there also, I found it very hard to live my new school life since I was staying in hostel for the first time away from my mum's cooking. However, after a year and so I started feeling more comfortable living in that hostel. I studied in Darjeeling for three years and was able to finish my ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Examinations). Again I was able to successfully complete my studies with flying colors.

            After finishing my ICSEs I came to the UK. I was very lucky since the timing was right and I could do my GCSE as well. The main reason behind this was due to my father’s decision of jumping me to the higher class and I was under sixteen years old when I came to the UK. I finished my “A” levels in Queen Mary’s College.After finishing my A levels, I got an offer from Bath university and I pursued Masters of Pharmacology as my undergraduate degree. In case of anyone getting confused with the term pharmacology, pharmacology deals with making the best and efficient drugs to overcome various diseases. I recently finished my undergraduate in Bath which took me four years. I look forward to work as a pharmacologist in the near future and hopefully everything goes well.

"मेरो प्यारो नेसुम घर"

मलाई नेसुम घर बस्न लाग्छ रहर

बन जङगलले भरिएको छ यहां

प्राकृति सुन्दर्ताको आकर्षण छ यहा।

               झट्ट हेर्दा पुर्बतिर देखिन्छ कुम्भकर्ण

               जति हेर्‍यो उति हेरुं लाग्ने यो सौन्दर्यपूर्ण

               यहां बहन्छ हावा अति मीठो

               यस्को नयन पाउने तृप्ति बढ्दैछ साह्रै छिटो।

तल तिर बग्छ तमोर खोला र उभो छ डांडा

मेरो नेसुम घर देखि म बस्न सक्दिन टादा

पहाडको चुचुरामा छ यहा पाथीभरा

यसको बरदानले भरिएको छ गाउं सारा।

               नबुझिने छ यहांका मानिसहरुका एकता

               भुल्नु नसकिने प्रभाब दिन्छ यसले सर्बदा

               मेरो प्यरो नेसुम् घर्-

               मलाई नेसुम घर बस्न लाग्छ रहर।

रोशन पाहिम  (लिम्बू)


बि. स. २०६५



Studying: Pharmaceutical Science (3/4 Year)

University of Wolverhampton (Birmingham)

Home Town: Basingstoke, UK

As we all are aware of the fact that it was our ancestor’s sweat, blood and a bit of luck that brought us to this country. We are really fortunate to be able to come to this country as a lot of people struggle to come here but only a few are able to make it. We, Nepalese are also among one of these people. For our countrymen and relatives, whom we left back in our country I am going to give a brief description about United Kingdom so they can also have a clue what the country is like in which we are recently living.

            The United Kingdom is located in Western Europe, situated northwest of France. It has an area of 244,820 And has an estimated population of 60,943,912. United Kingdom is made up of four nations which are England, Wales, Scotland and including Northern Ireland. United Kingdom is known as one of the most developed and advanced country in the whole world. Not only this, it has got a pleasant weather too. U.K. has been a multi-national and multi-cultural society for a long time. One can find here various ethnic groups and races of people for example if you travel to a certain part of this country like Southall (which is situated in west of London), you can find maximum number of Indians and Punjabi there. Likewise, most of our Nepalese country men are spread around Britain and have already developed their own small communities. Although the U.K. is historically a Christian society, everyone living here has the legal right to practice their own religion. That’s the reason why despite being miles away from our country Nepal, we can still celebrate our main festival Dashain, Tihar and Chasok Tangnam here. This is what makes U.K. a suitable place to live. 

            Some of the other reasons why U.K. is better and different from other countries are the facilities and opportunities it promises, its government and the law itself. The government makes sure that at least all the people staying here are employed. Therefore, all the people who live here or come to here from foreign countries receive jobs depending on their abilities and skills. The government makes sure that all the children under 16 years of age are going to school and receiving education which is their formal right. Taxes are collected from citizens by UK government, in other countries this might be considered as a disadvantage but here the advantages outnumbers the disadvantage since the money collected in the form of tax is invested in the development of the country, for raising the standard of education and are also used to support the old age pensioners.

            United Kingdom is full of opportunities, advanced facilities and in the same time is a beautiful country too, but there is a well-known saying that however beautiful and rich a foreign country is, it does not belong to us and in no ways can be as precious and delightful as one’s own motherland. This saying had been told and repeated from the time when small parts of our country was joined and formed into a whole Nepal and yet it is still true that even if we are in a foreign country which is the equivalent to heaven, we will never be able to replace and forget the land where we came from.


"लिङ्देन हो मेरो गाउँ"

लिङ्देन हो मेरो गाउँ, 
यो गाउँको राम्रो छ नाउँ,
मेरो गाउँ देखि  टाढा बस्दा,
बढेर आउछ मेरो मनको घाउ!  

                     मेरो गाउँको त्यो मीठो हावा,
                     याद आउछ मलाई अहिले सम्म यहाँ,
                     त्यहाँको बनजंगलले छाएकोछ हरियाली,
                     कहिले जानु पाउ फेरि अर्को पालि! 

गाउँमा ती दशैंका रोटे अनि लिंगे पिङ्हरु,
रमाइलो हुन्थ्यो सधैनै ती दिनहरु,
तिहारमा फूलेका ती ढकमक सयपत्री फूलहरु,
सबैलाई सोध्छु कहाँ गए ती दिनहरु!  

                    बिदेशमा बसेर सधै याद गर्छु मेरो गाउँ, 
                    मेरो गाउँको छ अति  राम्रो नाउँ, 
                    बिर्सेको छुइन अहिले सम्म त्यो ठाउँ,
                    म सबैलाई भन्छु लिङ्देन हो मेरो गाउँ!! 

रेखा पाहिम (लिम्बू)
बि. स. २०६५
                                  MISS NABINA LIMBU PROFILE





My name is Nabina Pahim (Limbu). I am from Basingstoke. I am daughter of Prem Kumar Limbu and Man Kumari Limbu (Kandangwa). I am 18 years old. I have one brother and one sister. I am the eldest among the three. In Nepal I used to go to Suryodaya English Medium School and stayed in Saint Agnes Hostel as well for better education. In Nepal I studied only till class eight and then on 24th of April 2007 we came to the United Kingdom.

UK is a nice place and there are a lot of beautiful places to visit. In Basingstoke I went to Cranbourne School and studied from year 10. Whereas, I didn’t get to do year 9 and the school were different from Nepal. I got a better chance to improve in my studies and I am thankful for my parents that they bought me till here. Then I did my GCSEs in Cranbourne and went to Queens Marry College and did a health and social care and then later I went to BCOT College and changed my course to child care.

My course is a four years of course and I am on my third year. After, finishing my college I am planning to go to universities to do a Graduation on this course. My aim is to be a staff nurse and I am interested in this course. I also got an opportunity to achieve my dream. I choose this course because I enjoy helping people. My parents have an important role in my life as they encourage me all the time in my studies and support me. My hobby is to play basketball and I enjoy making new friends. In my spare time I would like to study some books.

                               MISS WITHNEY LIMBU PROFILE





I am Withney Pahim (Limbu). I was born in Brunei on 4th may 1995. I am 16 years old. My father’s name is Prem kumar Limbu. and my mother’s name is Man kumari Limbu (Kandangwa). There are five members in my family where I am the youngest daughter. I have one elder sister and one brother. Before coming here in England, we used to live in Damak-11 Jhapa, Nepal. I studied in Suryadaya English and Medium school and have been in hostel since I was small. After finishing my year 7, I arrived in Britain on 24th of April 2007. Everything was different, new people, place and most of all the changes in language and culture had a vast difference from Nepal.

After two months of arrival, I joined Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College starting from year 8. It took me quite a few times to get used to the new changes in my life. As time passed, I learned a lot of new things, made new friends and loved my school life. In 2011, I did my GCSE’s and passed with A’s, B’s and C’s. Currently, I am in my first year at Queen Mary’s college doing my Business course.

What I really like about Britain is that it gives everyone some kind of opportunity to do something in life. And the facilities given to us are a bonus too. I am very thankful towards my parents for bringing me in this beautiful country. They’ve worked very hard and I really appreciate it.

                               MASTER UJWAL LIMBU PROFILE





I am Ujwal Pahim (Limbu). I was born in Damak, Jhapa, Nepal on 18th Feb 2002. I am 10 years old and I came in Britain on the 24th April 2007. I used to live in 66 Morley road, before I moved in our new house. I live with my dad, mum and my two elder sisters. My father’s name is Prem kumar Limbu and my mother’s name is Man kumari Limbu (Kandangwa). My big sister’s name is Nabina Limbu and she is 18 years old. My small sister’s name is Withney Limbu and she is 16 years old. After coming in UK I went to St. John primary school and I studied there for 4 years and my best friend was Ben stringer. Then, we moved into our new house so, I had to change my school to Kings Furlong Junior school. Currently, I am in Class 5H.There are about 33 students in my class. My home teacher is called Mr.Hanson and my best friend is Harley Charlton. I enjoy doing maths and art subject the most. I am very thankful towards my parent for bringing me in Britain and I am very happy to be here.

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